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July 2014

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Understanding Commercial Warehouse Pricing

Offered By: Weber Logistics
Ever wonder how third-party logistics providers (3PLs) calculate the warehouse prices they charge? This new guide explains it all in plain language. By getting smarter about the 3PL pricing process, you are in a much better position to impact how product is stored and handled - and reduce your warehousing costs.

The Five Ways Your 3PL Can Set Itself Apart From the Competition

Offered By: 3PL Central
Today's 3PL industry is one of the fastest-growing - and most competitive - sectors of the global economy. To ensure your business is positioned to grab its share of this lucrative opportunity, we invite you to download 3PL Central's latest FREE white paper, "The Five Ways Your 3PL Can Set Itself Apart From The Competition" today.

Stay Safe White Paper: How a dedicated transportation solution can help you minimize risk and drive safety

Offered By: Ryder
With tougher safety regulations, special handling requirements, and driver turn-over, companies are looking for alternative transportation management solutions. Offload the risks of owning, running and managing a transportation network with this comprehensive guide to a dedicated solution.

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