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DIALOG | December 3, 2014

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Critical Parts of Oz

Critical Shipments: If I Only Had a Part

Bad things happen when systems break down. Flights get canceled. Production lines stop. Wireless devices can't connect. The critical spare parts logistics involved in getting operations running again demand both precision and speed. Here's how you can become a wizard at critical shipments. Read full article…

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Adapting Your Supply Chain for the Future…Now

The best way shippers and consignees can accommodate speed and reliability is to practice demand-driven logistics. Read full article…

Expedited Transport: It's All in the Timing

Once cost-prohibitive for all but the most time-sensitive rush deliveries, today's expedited services help shippers balance their need for speed with cost-effective solutions. Read full article…

Time-Critical Transport: Devising a Master Plan

Time-critical shipping doesn't have to be expensive, inefficient, or wasteful—as long as it's all part of the plan. Read full article…

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Flexibility Key to Success in Liquor Logistics

The logistics of shipping alcoholic beverages is complex and fraught with challenges. Victoria Stevens of DB Schenker explains why strategic thinking and supply chain flexibility are keys to success. Read full article…

Competitive Switching: Between a Rock and a Railroad

Railroads and shippers continue to debate the pros and cons of competitive switching, which proposes that certain captive shippers located in terminal areas be granted access to a competing railroad if there is a working interchange within a reasonable distance. Read full article…

How to Use Real-Time Ground Conditions

An accurate assessment of real-time ground conditions allows dispatch and operations centers to proactively identify problems and adjust routes, thereby improving efficiencies and keeping drivers safe. Read full article…

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3PL Partnerships Can Ease Burden on LATAM Manufacturers

Latin America is fast becoming the destination of choice for companies looking to expand their global footprint. Jose Luis Carrazco Velazquez of Menlo Logistics discusses how 3PLs with regional expertise will be valuable partners. Read full article…

Britain Looks to Stamp Out 'Supply Chain Slavery'

A new bill circulating the UK Parliament would require large companies in Britain to declare actions they are taking to protect their supply chains from human trafficking. Read full article…

Why BYOD Can Actually Cost You Money

Mike Maris of Motorola Solutions explains how logistics and transportation companies are finding the flaw in the bring your own device movement.Read full article…

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