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DIALOG | September 22, 2014

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Hospital supply chain cover image

First Aid for the Hospital Supply Chain

Hospitals are aching to cut costs and increase efficiencies. Some supply chain management therapy might be just what the doctor ordered. Read full article…

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Controlling Costs in the Healthcare Supply Chain

How medical providers trim logistics and supply chain expenses. Read full article…

A Shot in the Arm

Temperature-sensitive vaccines demand special handling. Read full article…

Pharma Tackles Track-and-Trace

Regulations require pharma shippers to adapt production and distribution processes. Read full article…

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Flags of the world, inside silhouettes of people.Incoterms 2010: Speaking the Same Language

If your company is new to global trade, understanding Incoterms rules such as FAS, FOB, CPT, and DDP can become confusing and overwhelming. Here's an Incoterms crash course to help ensure nothing gets lost in translation. Read full article…

Christopher Springer, Director of Operations, QuestaWebAre You Ready to ACE It?

Learn about the Automated Commercial Environment initiative and its requirements, and verify your current processes and technology are up to the challenge, with these insights from Christopher Springer of QuestaWeb. Read full article…

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John Deris, Senior Vice President of National Sales for Fleet Management Solutions, Ryder System Inc.,Managing SKU Proliferation in the Beverage Industry

Expanding beverage product lines are generating new stockkeeping units (SKUs) — and supply chain management challenges. John Deris of Ryder discusses the implications of SKU growth in this vertical, and offers advice on how companies can manage the changes. Read full article…

Wheel Genius: Racing to Improve Data Collection

Thanks to a new image-based scanner, bar-code reader errors no longer tread on Champion Tire and Wheel's productivity. Read full article…

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The Port of Hamburg is among several European ports currently experiencing congestion issues.European Ports Stuffed with Congestion

As larger ships fill fleets, European ports must address congestion and capacity issues. Read full article…

4 Keys to Becoming a Preferred Shipper Partner

Do your carriers consider you a friend or foe? A new survey identifies key factors in how carriers evaluate shippers, which can make a big difference in your transportation operations. Read full article…

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KaiKini Bikinis' - hard at work.Diving Into Multi-Channel Fulfillment

KaiKini Bikinis' integrated inventory control and shipping operations solution brings savings that are anything but itsy bitsy teeny weeny. Read full article…

Dr. Matthew Waller, Chair, Department of Supply Chain Management, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas.Innovation in Business Processes from Northwest Arkansas

Business process innovations have made great leaps thanks to two Northwest Arkansas companies: J.B. Hunt and Walmart. In this article available exclusively on, Dr. Matthew Waller of the University of Arkansas' Sam M. Walton College of Business outlines how these businesses have influenced the region. Read full article…

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