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DIALOG | September 3, 2014

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It’s a Store! It’s a Site! It’s a Warehouse!

The growth of online shopping is changing the retail landscape, forcing store owners to rethink the way they do business in order to negotiate the new terrain. Here's how they are adapting supply chain operations to meet shifting demand. Read full article…

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Rolling Back the Walmart Way

Insider perspective on how the retail leader builds transportation synergies. Read full article…

Watch Your Waste Lines

Partnering with an expert helps retailers manage hazardous waste. Read full article…

The Amazing Race

E-tailers adopt innovative methods to meet consumer demand for same-day delivery. Read full article…

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Utilities & Site Selection: Power Players

Choosing the best location for your business requires plugging into the right electrical and natural gas resources. Here are some of the top spots that will get you energized for success. Read full article…

Chet Mullen: Material Guy

When customers need products fast, Chet Mullen of lift truck manufacturer Raymond Corporation rises to the occasion. Read full article…

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Selecting the Right Technology to Support Your Lean Operations

Technology plays a key role in enabling Lean supply chain operations, but choosing the wrong software can create waste in terms of the time, effort, and money spent evaluating, selecting, and implementing the system. Lean expert Paul A. Myerson provides tips on finding the right solution for your business. Read full article…

Streamlining Reverse Logistics

Manage reverse logistics to reduce costs and recover investment on damaged and expired products, and inventory returns. Read full article…

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Forecasting Seasonal Surges Keeps Products on the Shelf

Transportation forecasting lets shippers collaborate with carriers to identify capacity gaps and reallocate assets. Terra Technology's Robert Byrne explains how. Read full article…

India's E-commerce Market Heats Up

A recent government move allows foreign manufacturers that produce goods domestically to engage in e-commerce, even if they source materials from Indian third-party suppliers. Read full article…

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Google, Barnes & Noble Take On Amazon

As Amazon announces that it's expanding same-day delivery for select products in six new cities, Google and Barnes & Noble are teaming up to deliver books with similar speed. Read full article…

How the Internet of Things Impacts Supply Chains

Connected devices enable organizations to work smarter, plan better, and foster more intelligent decision-making processes, writes Udaya Shankar of Xchanging, in this article available exclusively on Read full article…

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